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The IoT Accelerator Developer Portal will make your life easy, when it comes to developing IoT solutions which will benefit from IoT Accelerator connectivity management services. Browse through to learn how to use the services, and get help from tutorials, tools and code samples. Happy coding!

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IoT Accelerator Connect provides enterprises with a new way of accessing and using cellular connectivity. Gain access to an online plug and play service where solutions can be up and running instantly and can scale from one to millions of devices seamlessly.


This section includes the necessary guidelines and instructions to let you interact with IoT Accelerator services. Start here by getting to know what IoT Accelerator is about, become familiar with our service, and get close to IoT Accelerator APIs.


If you already have an IoT Accelerator account, you can start developing your own application and interact with the exposed APIs. Explore the tools available, browse the most used code samples & snippets and have a look at the suggested frameworks to start developing your application.

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