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Accelerate your development

This section will bring you closer to IoT Accelerator APIs, by providing tools, tutorials & code samples to implement your IoT use cases which leverage on global managed connectivity.


Get closer to device and application development and enterprise integration with the available developer resources, which will allow your IoT applications to leverage on global managed connectivity.

Device Development

Ericsson IoT Accelerator Connectivity Management can provide connectivity to multiple kind of devices, as far as the device is capable to handle Mobile Broadband Connectivity.

Application Development

This section provides the necessary tools to accelerate the development of complex application and use cases built on IoT Accelerator exposed services. Sample use cases, guidelines on how to use known tools, code snippets: everything that is needed to help the developer in gaining confidence with IoT Accelerator APIs and capabilities.

Enterprise Integration

This section provides guidelines and information to System Integrators whose ambition is to integrate the enterprise systems of the CSP (or the Enterprise) with IoT Accelerator business processes. 

Want to become a partner?

In this section you will find a list of partner´s and open source products that our Developer Support Team has selected to facilitate the design and test of Enterprise projects.
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