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Testing IoT Accelerator SOAP APIs using Postman®

The following steps describe how to test IoT Accelerator SOAP APIs from a Postman® client installed on PC. The IoTA SOAP APIs in scope are grouped in services. Each service includes one or more API according to its specific function.

IoT Accelerator API Service Group in scope

API Status
This service offers operations to view status of the API in real time (i.e.: it is possible to verify that the API is operational by sending a message string to the API and verify that it is returned).

Subscription Traffic
This service returns traffic information for resources on the network. The information consists of ID, location update, PDP, and SMS related data.

Usage Data Download
This service makes it possible to download usage data (SMS CDR, GPRS CDR, and TAP records) stored in the Data Warehouse.

Realtime Trace
This service makes it possible to trace traffic for a resource in real time.

Operator Info
This service contains two operations; one for retrieving a list of all Countries with corresponding Country Code and a similar operation for retrieving all available Operators.

Aggregated Traffic
This service returns various aggregated traffic data.

Subscription Management
This service offers operations for managing subscriptions.

Report Download
This service makes it possible to download information about available reports.

Incident Management
This service offers operations to retrieve information about logged incidents, as summary information for a range of incidents or detailed information for a single incident.

Overall Status
This service retrieves the status of all core services and the status of customer-specific services.

Trigger Alarms
This service fetches information about triggered alarms or clears them.

Trigger Package Management
This service offers operations for managing trigger packages.

This service allows querying subscriptions blocked due consuming their bundles, and unblocking them with a request.

Service Request Management
This service allows managing service requests.

Device Reconnect
This service offers an operation for reconnecting devices to the mobile network.

Operating Instructions

Preliminary actions: download & install Postman® Client

  1. Download Postman® Client from here and install it on your PC.
  2. Launch Postman®.

Preliminary actions: import API & settings

  1. Download the IoTA SOAP API Postman® file and extract it.
  2. In Postman®, click on “Import”.
  3. In the popup window, import the file "IOTA SOAP API.postman_collection_PA2.json".
  4. After importing the file, the APIs will be available in Postman navigation panel under the "Collection" tab.

Preliminary actions: importing the environment

  1. Now it’s time to setup the IoTA Environment in Postman®. To do this, follow the same procedure to import a file, but this time import the "IOTA SOAP API ENV.postman_environment.json".
  2. Click on “Import”.

Now your environment is ready to be used.

Preliminary actions: setting up the environment

  1. If not already selected, in Postman select “IOTA SOAP API ENV” from the menu placed in the top right corner box. Then click on the “view (eye) icon” on the right to make the settings active.
  2. A new window will appear: click “Edit” in the top right corner.
  3. Enter the information on your IoTA account replacing the <INSERT-HERE> strings as show in the image below
    The following attributes are used within the configuration:
    MSISDN = SIM Phone number starting with Mobile Country Code
    IMSI =  International Mobile Subscriber Identity (unique number per SIM)
    Username & Password = provided by IoTA for your account
    CustomerId = provided by IoTA for your account

4) Save settings by clicking on “Update Button”. Now you will be able to make your first API call.

Testing the APIs

Click on “OperatorInfo” group folder in the left Navigation Panel, select “Query Country” and click on it: the relative API will be opened in the central panel.


IoTA SOAP API Postman® Collection

Download the IoTA SOAP API Collection file to be imported in Postman®.


Download PDF Guide

Download the PDF version of the guidelines on how to test IoT Accelerator SOAP APIs using Postman®