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Device Development

Ericsson IoT Accelerator Connectivity Management can provide connectivity to multiple kind of devices, as far as the device is capable to handle Mobile Broadband Connectivity.

Device Development

This section is meant to provide general guidelines and suggestions to quickly achieve the target of having a fully connected and manageable IoT device, by providing a list of:

  • Mobile Broadband communication modules
  • Device development and prototyping kits
  • Industrial IoT devices

Moreover, it includes also guidelines, test reports and downloadable firmware for most of them.

Are you a device manufacturer and want support with certify and test your device? We have the right solution for you. Ericsson Device Hub is a global repository for testing, certification and regulatory compliance data for devices.

Ericsson Device Hub (EDH)

Mobile Broadband Communication Modules

Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160

The Nordic nRF9160 is a Low power SiP with integrated multimode LTE-M/NB-IoT modem with GPS. 700-2200 MHz LTE band support.

Quectel BC66

BC66 is high-performance, multi-band LTE Cat NB1 module with extremely low power consumption. It is provided in a SMT type, which can be embedded in the Enterprise´s IoT Device.


Quectel BG96

BG96 is an LTE Cat M1/Cat NB1/EGPRS module.  It features global frequency bands, ultra-low power consumption. It is provided in a SMT type, which can be embedded in the Enterprise´s IoT Device.

SimCom SIM7600G

SimCom SIM7600G is Multi-Band LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD/HSPA+ and GSM/GPRS/EDGE with LTE CAT1 support in a SMT type, which can be embedded in the Enterprise´s IoT Device. 

SimCom SIM7020X

SimCom SIM7020 NB-IoT series is designed for applications that need low latency, low throughput data communication in a variety of radio propagation conditions. This module is ideally suited for M2M applications, such as metering, asset tracking, remote monitoring, E-health etc.

SimCom SIM7070G

SimCom SIM7070G is Multi-Band CAT-M, NB-IoT and GPRS module solution in a SMT type, which can be embedded in the Enterprise´s IoT Device. 

SimCom SIM800C

SIM800C is a complete Quad-band GSM/GPRS solution in a SMT type, which can be embedded in the Enterprise´s IoT Device.

Telit Cinterion® ELS62

The Telit Cinterion ELS62 module with 2G fallback and a single antenna design enables device makers to take advantage of all LTE Cat.1bis.

Telit Cinterion® EXS82

The Cinterion® EXS82/62 IoT wireless module platform is driving evolution from LTE to 5G and enabling Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) connectivity for billions of new industrial applications.
The platform delivers global LTE-M and NB-IoT connectivity with optional 2G fallback plus support for evolving 5G technologies.

Telit Cinterion® PLS63

The Telit Cinterion® PLS63-W provides cost-optimized global IoT connectivity delivering 18 Band LTE Cat.1 with 2G/3G fallback for seamless coverage across various wireless networks.
Offering IoT optimized speeds of 10Mbit/s download and 5Mbit/s uplink, the PLS63 IoT module is ideal for industrial smart IoT applications.

Telit Cinterion® TX62

The Cinterion® TX62 IoT Module delivers global LTE-M, NB-IoT (NB1 and NB2) connectivity from a single SKU and it is the first Telit product to adopt the revolutionary "Things" footprint.
The compact form factor has been engineered to facilitate the design of small, battery-operated LPWA cellular devices.

Device development and prototyping kits


Ardesco is a cellular IoT reference device platform developed by Ericsson and Sigma Connectivity with the goal to make it easier for enterprises to connect, manage and innovate on cellular IoT.

M5Stack + COM.X Module

M5Stack is a modular stackable Developer Kit based on ESP32 core processor. It does not embed a Cellular Module but it can be easily complemented through stackable Cellular Modules (prepackaged or to be easily assembled).

Nordic Thingy:91

The Nordic Thingy:91 is an easy-to-use battery-operated prototyping platform for cellular IoT using LTE-M, NB-IoT and GPS. It is ideal for creating Proof-of-Concept (PoC), demos and initial prototypes in your cIoT development phase.

Nordic nRF9160 DK

The nRF9160 DK is an LTE-M, NB-IoT, GPS and Bluetooth LE development kit for the nRF9160 SiP.

Raspberry Pi 4 + USB Mobile Broadband dongle

The Raspberry Pi is a series of small single-board computers developed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to promote teaching of basic computer science in schools and in developing countries. It is widely used by Device Developers. By extending the board with a USB Mobile Broadband, it becomes a very flexible IoT device development tool.

SimCom EVB Kit

The simCom EVB Kit is a developer board to test different models of SimCom Modules.

Telit Cinterion® LGA DevKit

The Cinterion® LGA DevKit is designed as a generic development adapter for Cinterion® LGA modules. With the LGA DevKit it is no longer necessary to connect the Cinterion® evaluation modules to an adapter for test and development purposes.

Industrial IoT Devices

Cradlepoint IBR200

Semi-ruggedized, compact 4G LTE router for IoT applications.

Cradlepoint IBR600C

Semi-ruggedized router with GPS and public safety support for mission-critical IoT and work from anywhere connectivity.

Cradlepoint IBR900

Compact, ruggedized Gigabit-Class LTE router for advanced in-vehicle and IoT connectivity.

Teltonika TRM 250

TRM250 is an industrial grade cellular modem with multiple LPWAN connectivity options. It features NB-IoT, LTE Cat-M1, and is backward compatible with EGPRS (2G).

Teltonika TRB255

TRB255 is an industrial LTE Cat M1 & NB-IoT gateway which is is backward compatible to EGPRS (2G) networks. It can be used to integrate modern and legacy industrial equipment into one solution via RS232, RS485 & Ethernet interfaces.

Teltonika RUT240

RUT240 is an industrial 4G LTE Wi-Fi router for professional M2M & IoT applications.It is widely used for 4G backup, Remote Connection, Advanced VPN, and tunneling services in IoT networking solutions.

Teltonika RUT955

RUT955 is an industrial LTE Cat 4 router that delivers high performance and GNSS location capabilities. Ethernet, Digital, and Analogue I/O, RS232, RS485, GNSS (GPS), microSD, and USB interfaces allow for a variety of industrial application scenarios.

Telic SBC AVL 4G

The SBC AVL 4G is a compact telematics unit with internal GSM/GPS antennas, 3D accelerometer and integrated support for 1-wire and CAN bus interfaces. The SBC AVL 4G is equipped with LTE Cat M1 Module Ublox SARA-R412M. This combination of features enables a wide range of telematics applications such as fleet management and driver identification.

Telit Cinterion® DGL61

The Cinterion® DGL61-W Device Gateway delivers the ultimate solution for future-proofing existing IoT applications that rely on cellular 2G or 3G connectivity.
The IoT-optimized, industrial grade 4G USB dongle provides out of the box global LTE Cat. 1 with 3G and 2G fallback and it eliminates the need for fragile external antennas to achieve optimal performance.

Telit Cinterion® EGX81

The Telit Cinterion® EGX81 Efficient IoT Gateway raises the bar on IoT simplicity delivering highly efficient global MTC connectivity straight out of the box.

Telit Cinterion® MV31

The Cinterion® MV31-W IoT modem card delivers ultra high speed 5G enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) for performance IoT applications in both Stand Alone (SA) and None Stand Alone (NSA) modes.
The compact solution is the smallest of its kind supporting the entire 5G spectrum with FR1 sub-6GHz and FR2 mmWave bands.