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Learn section is meant to provide an introduction to IoT Accelerator, providing access to documentation and references to get you familiar with the tools and the capabilities offered by IoT Accelerator.


Learn how to use the APIs and integrate them into your own application.

API Documentation

IoT Accelerator offers access to its services and business logics through APIs. This section describes and documents the whole set of APIs exposed by IoT Accelerator.

APIs capabilities, their logical entities, interfaces and protocols are documented to let you start building your own application on top of our services.


IoT Accelerator's services cover multiple use cases, from the simplest ones to the most complex. This section includes basic tutorials and guidelines to make you quickly familirize with APIs and service portal.

Find out instructions and "how to's" for common and most used functionalities based on IoT Accelerator capabilities. 


IoT Accelerator can cover multiple use cases for different business purposes. Explore here the possibilities you have of using IoT Accelerator by browsing the demos made available for you.

Common to all demos is, that they are related to elements of the commercial IoT portfolio. Please note that for some demos you may be asked to contact an Ericsson specialist - soon available.

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