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API Documentation

IoT Accelerator offers access to its services and business logics through APIs. This section describes and documents the whole set of APIs exposed by IoT Accelerator.

API Documentation

This section describes the APIs exposed by IoT Accelerator: capabilities, logical entities, interfaces and protocols.

As a prerequisite to get the access, the developer should have an active account in IoT Accelerator.

To get an account, please get in touch with one of the supported CSPs (Operators) described in IoT Accelerator main page here. Once you will get the username and the password from your CSP, then you will be able to access both the APIs endpoint and the service portal with the same set of credentials.

In order to use the APIs the developer should be familiar with the concept of REST, SOAP, web services, Extensible Markup Language® (XML), JSON, tools and programming languages for consuming APIs.

Please Note: this section is not meant to replace the official set of documentation that the Connectivity Service Provider (CSP) will provide in the service portal. This should be considered as a developer-friendly complement of the official IoT Accelerator API description.


API reference for IoTA REST APIs.
Find out more on REST APIs including user administration, consumer connectivity, subscription management, eUICC device localization and other API groups.


This section describes the SOAP APIs exposed by the IoT Accelerator with special focus on capabilities available through the service portal.

Releases & Changelog

Information on new IoT Accelerator API releases and related documentation.
Changelog will be available at every new release.