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Find out tutorials, instructions and "how to's" for common and most used functionalities based on IoT Accelerator capabilities.


Instructions and "how to's" for common and most used functionalities related to IoT Accelerator.

IoT Accelerator's services cover multiple use cases, from the simplest ones to the most complex.
This section includes basic tutorials and guidelines to make you quickly familiarize with APIs and service portal.

Available tutorials


API: quick start guide

This section provides the basic information that you will need to create your first project using IoTA APIs.

API: search subscription details

This examples provides the step-by-step description on how to get subscription details using APIs via cURL commands.

API: eUICC profile localization (swagger)

The steps described in the tutorial show how to manage profile localization for eUICC via API.

API: STOMP notifications tutorial

In this tutorial are provided the push STOMP notification interface details, the STOMP procedures and the use cases to be considered for a STOMP client that could consume service portal STOMP notifications.

Working with Connectivity Management features

This document describes a set of tests and provide instructions on how to execute them in order to handle a couple of use cases of Ericsson IoT Accelerator applicable respectively to a traditional SIM and an eSIM (eUICC) when placed into a mobile device.

End-to-end use case: IoT Accelerator integrated with AWS IoT, M5Stack, SimCom7600G and NodeRed

This tutorial instructs the Developer on how to unlock the value of IoT Accelerator Connectivity Management with a sample E2E Application, which includes an M5Stack Device equipped with a mobile broadband modem pushing its data to AWS IoT, and a sample application built on NodeRed which orchestrates the use case and provides a Web GUI.

Migrating legacy labels to custom fields

The tutorial is providing tools to facilitate the migration from legacy labels to Custom Fields

IoT Accelerator CAT-M Power Saving Mode interoperability

IoT Accelerator integrated with UIFlow and M5STACK: Power Saving Mode interoperability using CAT-M module and MQTT

Replace SOAP with REST APIs - Ericsson

Replace SOAP with REST APIs examples


Service portal

Get subscription updates notifications

The tutorial shows how to get subscription updates information directly from the service portal.

Get real time subscription network activity

The IoT Accelerator service portal provides real time traffic information about all the most relevant network events related to a SIM subscription. This tutorial demonstrates how to get access to such information.

Manage eUICC profile localization

The steps described in the tutorial show how to manage profile localization for eUICC.

One-time trigger events management tutorial

IoT Accelerator provides the possibility to manage triggers through the service portal and APIs.

Service portal & API setup for STOMP trigger notifications

The tutorial describes the necessary steps to trigger and subscribe to service portal STOMP notifications.