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Migrating legacy labels to custom fields

Custom Fields have been introduced in release 22A1 to replace the legacy labels with a more flexible and powerful way to characterize the Enterprise Subscriptions.

Since the legacy labels will be soon phased out, it is important that all the Enterprises will migrate the content of the legacy labels into custom fields.

In order to facilitate the process, the Developer Portal provides two ways to automate the migration.

The Enterprises could select the one which is more suitable for their needs:

  • A Node-RED script including a simple management GUI
  • A Postman Collection

Two tutorial documents are also provided to explain step-by-step how to configure and run the scripts or the collections.

Please note: as the legacy labels allowed a number of special characters such as: ~|`!@#$%^&*+={}[];'"<>,/\ while the Custom Label only allows: _- ( ) : then the script will convert during the migration any legacy special characters to _.

Please note: that this is an example Tutorial meant to facilitate the usage of the Custom Field API and it is not covered by our Support Agreement.

Please note: the maximum number of elaborated IMSIs is limited to 10.000

For any questions or comments on the tutorial, please get in touch with us, we will be glad to help you more.