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Get real time subscription network activity

The IoT Accelerator service portal provides real time subscription network activity information about all the most relevant network events related to a SIM subscription. This view is very useful to understand which are the latest messages exchanged between the IoT device and the CSP core network, and for each message which are the set of information reported.

The event list keeps the last 7 days of traffic information.

Sequence of operations

1. Login and access to view

Log in into the IoTA service portal GUI, or use your service portal dedicated URL.
In order to access this view, the user should first select the subscription from the subscription inventory.

2. Select IMSI

Then, it should either select from the list, or search the IMSI of the SIM Subscription which is under analysis.

3. Get info

In the resulting view, which is the detailed view of the SIM subscription, scrolling down, the "Subscription activity in the last 7 days" panel provides the network traffic information.

4. Enable additional fields

The view, by default only shows some columns. In order to view all the detailed information, the User should enable the additional fields by clicking on the three small dots on the top-right corner of the event list, and check all the items. This selection has to be repeated at each page reload/page change, as it is not stored in view settings.

5. Get complete information

When the full view is enabled, the complete set of information will be shown.

The complete event list can be exported by clicking on "export to csv file" on the bottom right corner of the panel.

In order to have a real time refresh of events on screen (which will last 15 minutes), the user should click on "enable auto refresh" on the top right side of the panel.