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Use Case: Ericsson IoT Accelerator & Ericsson Vonage Communication API

This is a showcase of the potential added value expressed by the combination of Ericsson IoT Accelerator global connectivity with the Ericsson Vonage Communication services through its HTTP APIs. 

The end-to-end usage scenario is enabled also thanks to M5Stack, as IoT device source of MQTT data, and ThingSpeak that applies a given processing logic on that data flow. 

The use case imagined here is just for example but can be easily reshaped to fit with similar application domains. Also the steps to allow any developer to reproduce the same are described very shortly: the reader should refer to the documentation made available by the provider of the various building blocks used here (M5Stack, IoT Accelerator, ThingSpeak, Vonage) 


Getting started

The flow was imagined to follow a sequence of ordered steps: 

  1. The user had activated an Ericsson IoT Accelerator SIM/eSIM and put it into the IoT device in order to get it to gain cellular IP connectivity through IoT Accelerator.
  2. The M5Stack implements a cellular IoT device whose sensors measure the temperature (or any other environmental parameter) and upload it as MQTT client towards ThingSpeak.
  3. ThingSpeak realizes three functionalities.
    • MQTT broker where the device publish on a given topic 
    • REACT: it’s a rule engine that is configured to evaluate the received temperature versus a given threshold. Above the  threshold an action is taken 
    • ThingHTTP: it corresponds to the action taken by REACT, to  trigger a HTTP Request invoking the SMS Communication API of Ericsson Vonage 
  4. Ericsson VONAGE: its SMS API is hit by ThingHTTP and causes as a consequences to send an SMS to a pre-provisioned MSISDN to alert another user that the temperature was exceeding the value.